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Sometimes I rely on the various baby name websites out there on the Internets, other times I really like Behind the Name because it has first names and last names in many languages and their meanings, plus names by usuage such as mythological names, pop culture, biblical names and so on and so forth. I've found it useful when looking up names for characters of certain ethnic backgrounds.

Tonight someone on my flist from my other journal posted a link to which is a baby name assistance sort of site. It's really cool. I just spent the last little while poking around there.
Funny how my real first name brought up "other similar type names" which were variations of my second name and middle/confirmation name.

So if there is a name you like, but aren't certain you want to use it, it will generate suggestions that you might like instead. I think that's cool, because sometimes, I can't get the name of the character I've created quite right. My main characters usually come into my head with first, middle and last names already figured out, but sometimes the minor characters are hard to name and I may only need to use a name in passing or handful of times and those are hard to name.

There was a site that I found a while back that was hysterical in poking fun at bad baby names. Ah, never fear, here it is. It doesn't seem to be terribly up-to-date and can be a bit sarcastic, but lord is it funny.

I'll see what other sites I can add to this post later.
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