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and I have nothing to write about. I have a whole family tree of characters but nothing to write for NANO and that starts in just over a week. I'll natter on about that later.

Meanwhile, Izzy and Andy are driving me crazy so, I'm back to Lena's story. So... my main characters are both strong 30 something women, and while they have some of have some of the elements and traits of women in those "chick lit" novels, they're not. I don't think these stories can be considered chick lit. Anyway, long before Andrew came into existence in fiction, he existed in Lena's universe. She talked about her cousin the priest somewhere in the story. I haven't found that part yet, but I know it's in there somewhere.

Lena has definitely fallen away from the church. She sees nothing good about it, even though her favorite cousin is a priest (or will be one as this story is set much eariler). Her younger brother is gay, her eldest is divorced, she lives with her boyfriend, she makes a mistake and lands up pregnant and alone-- with a whole lot of other shit happening and the church is the last place she'd ever turn, but even so, she talks to God a lot. (I just discovered this as I'm rereading Lena's story tonight.) I don't even know if she'll come to a place where she reconciles her feelings about Catholicism, God and the church.

Isabel, she just likes being scandalous and just avoids church because she thinks it is what is taking her brother away from her. They've always been so close and suddenly, he's doing something that she cannot be part of. Last she checked, women can't be priests and she certainly wouldn't want to be a nun or a sister. ;-) Unlike her cousin, Lena, Isabel doesn't really lose her faith, she just doesn't have a need or time for it. The hardest part about writing about some of Isabel's disdain for the church is that when the story starts, the sex abuse scandals hadn't broke, so she can't voice any fear or anxiety about her brother's chosen vocation to him. It will come up later--- I envision her watching ABC news or CNN when the news breaks-- but not in the beginning. It will be a non-issue but it will just give her another reason to watch out for and protect Andrew more.

I find all of this really interesting considering where I am in my own real life regarding religion. That is another post for another day.
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