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I thought I would be. My mom is reading my latest story, bit by bit. I hadn't given her any for quite some time. Last week, I gave her about 70 pages. Not new, as I've written near to the end. She started reading but set it aside. We were getting company for Easter, so I told her NOT to let anyone read it. No one! Of course, my aunt, who is an artist, nurse, writer etc... saw it and read it. She told me at breakfast yesterday that she liked my story. Of course, she came into it midway through but didn't realize that. She understood most of it, even out of context, that's good right?

I like all the stories I've written, why else would I labor on them if I didn't like them. I just worry that they won't be accessible to a wide audience. They're set in New Mexico or at least are tied to New Mexico. My characters are all Hispanic. They're all Catholic to some degree and I'm wondering if those things limit the audience I might reach. I talk about the culture, the history and the things that shaped my characters because those things have shaped me.

My biggest trouble with writing is that I write. I keep writing. My stories are character driven more than plot driven. I have a plot, that's true but I focus on my characters, their feelings and how they deal with their situations. None of them are easy. In one story, my main character faces a serious illness, a break up, the birth of a child and how she must deal with everything. In another, my main characters face an unexpected truth and the third explains the second.

My characters are all related. And they will probably always live in my head. Hopefully, I'll tell their stories, but I have so much fun writing them, whether or not they go in the story, they get published or even finished, it's my world, my creation and I love it. However, the time is coming that I need to share it. Oh... man... the anxiety of that. That's why I didn't want my mom to let anyone else see the story but am glad that my aunt innocently picked it up and read it.
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