Jan. 6th, 2008

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Sometimes... I think when they say write what you know... you should stick to it. I've been working on my story again. Basically, up until the part where they move to Europe, I'm good. I'm writing what I know. Now... I have them in Europe and need them to visit London, Rome and of course Prague where move to. I know one day I'll get there in real life and figure out exactly where they live, what they see, etc... but it's hard to capture the feel when I've only got reference books, the Internet's and Live Earth and Google Maps as my main source material. I know I can log onto touristy websites and forums for other help but it would help so much if I could just go to those places and experience it for myself so that my characters can as well.

The characters I've created I know intimately-- I know Andrew hates fresh tomatoes and Italian food, but ends up studying in Rome anyway. I know Isabel is afraid of marionettes and is given one by her father sometime after she moves to Prague. I know things about her family and their personalities. I know their life experiences, birthdays and hobbies. So-- I have no problem with my characters-- it's just the settings troubling me right now. I don't recall having so much trouble writing far-away places when I wrote fanfic. Oy. I also need to remind myself that this is draft one of the story and can fix details and fill in later, after I know exactly what's happening. I just wish I knew where the story was taking me now.

So, to figure that out, I bought me a new journal and I think I'm going use it to work things out with my story.

I still fear that Isabel's story has far too much Catholic guilt in it. Did I really have to set her on a spiritual journey? Why oh why did I make Andrew her twin brother and feel the need to give him such a huge part of the story? I still don't know if I can truly write about a young, somewhat idealistic yet orthodox Catholic priest. I don't want to say conservative because there is no way that Andrew could be what I'd consider conservative-- at least not completely. He might espouse a few conservative ideas and traits but he's not what I'd deem conservative. Of course, I base the characters of people I know or would like to know and of course have parts of me in them as well. In my real life, I have lots of Catholic friends and family, some practicing and some lapsed. I have some who are not at all religious, some Protestant and some Jewish. But I'm not at all religious or devout, but suddenly, it has become important to me. But I'm still perplexed, why did I have to use this point to write what I know? I'm not writing a story for a Catholic audience and I'm trying to keep it broad but it keeps coming out of me.

Maybe I should go back and work on Lena's story. She's a good, very lapsed and non-practicing, maybe even non-believing Catholic. It's amazing where I was spiritually when I started that story as to where I am now. Besides, I better finish Lena's story before there's a cure for AIDS. Man, it's been a long time since I started it. It's changed so much. At least I am not longing writing about the future-- a few years ago I had no idea what would happen in 2005 when I had to take the story into the future. It's set in early '98 and probably ends somewhere around '06, but as I started writing it a few years ago, '06 seemed like a long ways away, now it's two years already gone by.

I really wish I could finish one of my stories.


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