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are good things and a writer must really follow them, otherwise chaos ensues. Ahem... I just screwed up my whole time line by writing a scene that is supposed to take place before one of the most important events in the story occurs, but according to the setting, it has to come after. Why can't American football be a spring sport??? It would all work so much better. Anyway, the scene that needs to come after happens in May and for my whole bloody storyline to work, I have to keep certain events as they are, written in stone Word otherwise, I'll have a to change dates, events accordingly.

It can still work, but my main character will have to go back to being a blonde earlier, so she can still meet the guy again. He remembers that she had red hair the first time they met and now she's gone back to her natural dark blonde color. (I really am not writing a chick lit novel as much as it sounds as if I am. There is angst and drama in here. I will torture these people one day.) Then later, even though she's met the guy, she can still go to a football game with her family. I'll need to move a few things around but I'm glad I caught it. Hmmm. In fact... it might just work in the context of how I ended the football scene.

I should get to bed, but I'm waiting for a pair of pants to wash.
/inarticulate ramble
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