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man... these characters are driving me crazy. Since my NANO is the prequel to the novel I've been writing. I'm writing about Isabel's mother and father. Not that anyone knows who Isabel is, but anyway, Isabel is named after her mother's eldest sister, Isabel but I also want her named after her mother's best friend, Maggie, a young English girl from college. But as it stands Isabel's middle name is Sofia. I thought about changing Maggie's name to Sophie, which means, Wisdom. Maggie,short for Margaret means Pearl. And Margaret is the patron of expectant mothers. So, I'm in a quandary.

Also, one of my main character's sister's is named Rita, short for Margarita.

So, I'm nearly at 30k with my word count. The story is starting to take shape, however, I'm not writing it in order, so I'm not even sure where I am at with it. I only started working on this story because I thought it might help me figure out exactly what's going on in my other novel. The mother's story turned out to be interesting bit of history that I needed to tell so I could make sense of my big plot twist in Isabel and Andrew's story. They're twins and I'll talk all about them later, ad nauseam probably.

I know none of this makes sense to anyone who might be reading this right now. I'll come back and explain myself later. I'm tired and just needed to work out some of these frustrations. Stay tuned for more in the saga of the little universe playing out in my head. Maybe I will figure it out.

I was going to edit this post and I forgot why. I need sleep.


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