Jan. 7th, 2007 05:18 pm
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If you see this post twice, I apologize, but my goal this year is to keep up with my writing and perhaps update this journal from time to time with my writing ramblings.

This web site is dripping hotness. I'm looking for visuals for my characters. I'm having a hard time with a couple of them, especially my main to characters because I threw a big complication in the plot and so I'm having to find a visual that best fits my main characters, adult boy/girl twins. Anyway, I have an idea of who "Isabel" is, but 'm having a hard time finding her brother Andrew. So, I found a Spanish Models website. I think using models rather than celebrities is easier, because say I use Petey, then the character is more Petey than my character. I don't know if that makes sense. I don't know if any other writers use models/actors/other people they know as visuals for their characters, but I find it a bit more helpful than just some blue, eyed, blond guy, that I can't visualize.

But there is a hitch to the guy I think might be Andrew, he's incredibly hot and Andrew, to my surprise as the writer and to his sister's,the main character, is a Catholic Priest. I'm not trying to to intentionally create a "hot priest". I'm actually trying to create a very realistic and human character with Andrew, but trouble is, my character is young-- mid-to-late 30's and probably is attractive on top of the other traits that make him a good priest and a good person. All the while, my MC isn't religious and is still not happy about her twin's choice of profession. She's a lawyer. Sigh.

Well, besides that, I need to find a couple other characters. Andrew's high school best friend is someone I know. And Miz [ profile] schaden_freude approves, but for other reasons. I still wonder if it means anything that I thought about him and then saw HIM three months later, live and in person. Am I channeling my prince charming into coming to life in real life. Nah. It's just a coincidence. ;-)

I don't know why I'm so rambly and incoherent. Maybe staying up till 3 isn't always a good idea.


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